About Navin

Navin patented technology breakthrough enables fast upscale, to become the world’s #1 community based pedestrian guidance and navigation app.

P2P crowd mapping technology

Navin’s breakthrough approach relies on patented P2P crowd mapping technology that creates detailed maps automatically and with no effort required from the business or its consumers. No hardware devices are needed. With P2P crowd mapping, there is finally a scalable solution that uses the crowd’s power with its millions of cellphones to map and monitor the world’s indoor spaces in real time.

P2P crowd mapping

We spend 90% of our time and 80% of our money indoors. Over 50% of searches conducted on mobile – with local intent.

Current indoor location technologies are inaccurate. Emerging (accurate) indoor location technologies are not scalable. With millions of indoor venues globally, scalability is key. P2Pcrowd mapping offers scalability and accuracy and will be deployed globally within few years.

How it works

The technology anonymously tracks people’s location using sensors on their cellphones, incrementally creating big data movement patterns from millions of data points and automatically inferring the location’s map from the data. Navin’s servers then use analytics to detect crowd movement patterns. The technology relies on patented algorithms that generate maps from many different individual data points, using cellphone’s sensors and graph connectivity methods.